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Our Services

KAJJN offers a variety of professional services, suitable to meet the needs of your growing business


Engineering Services

Nicolas Leak

Nicolas offers marine engineering services, writing & editing and business consulting services


Project Management

Jennifer Leak

Jennifer is here to solve all of your project management needs**

** only available for remote services

Virtual Assistant

Kathryn Leak

Kathryn offers email management, administrative and customer support services


Here at KAJJN, we offer a variety of services, available both on-site and remotely*

On-site services are available in the Ottawa region. If you require on-site services outside of this region, contact us to discuss additional options

We are dedicated to providing high quality, professional services to each of our customers. Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or have large business looking for extra support, our team at KAJJN is here for you

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Time is money

Your time is important. The consultants at KAJJN work with you in order to streamline projects and take over various operations – freeing up time in your schedule to invest into your business


Located in the Ottawa area, KAJJN consultants are available to provide on-site services in the region. In addition, we provide remote services, ensuring to meet all of your business needs regardless of location.