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Nicolas, our talented engineer, is a retired Canadian Naval Engineer. In addition, he earned a Master’s degree in Marine Engineering from the Royal Navy Engineering College and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University. 

Furthermore, Nicolas’ passion lays in marine engineering, and can provide a variety of services in this field to help businesses thrive.

Moreover, with over 35 years of professional experience under his belt, Nicolas has an in depth knowledge of business development, management and service delivery.

By working with Nicolas you will be provided with the tools, resources and skills to take your projects to the next level, and above all, you will be investing back into your business.

Lastly, contact Nicolas today to discuss your consulting and engineering needs!



Technical Consultant (Naval)

  • Provision of technical reviews and inputs in support of a major shipbuilding project

Technical Advisor (Marine)

  • Provide on-call technical consultations and analysis relating to marine engineering and environmental systems

Advisor – Marine Engineering and Replenishment at Sea

  • Provision of expert advice to relating to marine engineering and replenishment at sea systems, equipment and operations; fuel management and internal ship physical security

Project Manager – Ballast Water Research & Technical Evaluation



"I’ve had the honour and privilege to work closely with Nick Leak on many occasions over the last five years, both as a colleague in the Strategic Futures and Concepts portfolios and as a teammate in the Defence Force Structure Review mission. It has been an extreme pleasure to be associated with someone who shared an equal passion, dedication and intellect for these critical strategic subjects and one who keenly focused on the common good of the Canadian Forces and Department of National Defence. An indefatigable, resolute and innovative strategic thinker in both depth and breadth of subject, Nick Leak epitomizes the strength of character and mind that is demanded by the Profession of Arms. It was an absolute pleasure to serve with him lo these many years and I fervently hope that our professional paths cross again in the future."
KAJJN- Fred - Testimonial
Fred Aubin, CD MCGI