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KAJJN Professional Services, Inc. provides a variety of services in multiple fields, including engineering, events and health.


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KAJJN was founded in 2015 by Nicolas and Janet Leak as a way for Nicolas to continue his passion for engineering following his retirement from the Royal Canadian Navy. 

Since it’s establishment, KAJJN has grown to include more than just engineering services, including management and support services, in order to meet your business needs.


Team Size

We are a small team and therefore we can easily adapt to and focus on specific challenges

Team Work

We work with you to determine what your needs are, and work to deliver accordingly - no surprises

Quality Results

Your success is our success. We deliver top quality results in a timely manner


"I’ve had the honour and privilege to work closely with Nick Leak on many occasions over the last five years, both as a colleague in the Strategic Futures and Concepts portfolios and as a teammate in the Defence Force Structure Review mission. It has been an extreme pleasure to be associated with someone who shared an equal passion, dedication and intellect for these critical strategic subjects and one who keenly focused on the common good of the Canadian Forces and Department of National Defence. An indefatigable, resolute and innovative strategic thinker in both depth and breadth of subject, Nick Leak epitomizes the strength of character and mind that is demanded by the Profession of Arms. It was an absolute pleasure to serve with him lo these many years and I fervently hope that our professional paths cross again in the future."
KAJJN- Fred - Testimonial
Fred Aubin, CD MCGI
“Over the past seven years, I have collaborated with Kathryn Leak on a range of global health projects which were enriched by her deep knowledge of health systems research and mastery of project management. I relied on Kathryn for expertise in matters relating to child and maternal health and more generally for her efficient and compassionate leadership. Kathryn’s close attention to detail and meticulous organizational skills proved vital in conducting a systematic review while consulting for UNICEF, for which Kathryn lead protocol development and data collection as a research coordinator. I look forward to working with her in the future and highly recommend her professional capabilities.”
KAJJN-Meg - Testimonial
Meghan A Cupp, MPH, PhD Candidate in Epidemiology, Brown University